Traffic Lawyer Union County NJ

TRAFFIC LAWYER UNION COUNTY, NJ   Union County, NJ has nearly 1,500 miles of roadways.    As a result, traffic can be an issue at times for drivers and it is sometimes necessary for the police to issue traffic tickets to those that break the traffic laws.   For those charged with the more serious traffic tickets, it is important to consult with a Traffic Lawyer in Union County, NJ who provides aggressive and affordable traffic ticket defense.   Traffic tickets issued out of Union County may include: ·         Speeding ·         Reckless driving ·         Careless driving ·         Tailgating ·         Unsafe lane change ·         Driving without insurance ·         Driving without registration ·         Unlicensed driver ·         Tinted windows ·         Unclear plates ·         Leaving the scene of an accident ·         DUI / DWI ·         Refusing the breathalyzer ·         Obstruction of traffic ·         Failure to stop at

Personal Injury Lawyer Elizabeth NJ

PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER ELIZABETH NJ Elizabeth, New Jersey is a historic community with a passion for great food and music.     Occasionally, people are injured in Elizabeth through no fault of their own.   When people get hurt in an Elizabeth accident due to the negligence of another, it is important that they seek the assistance of an experienced Elizabeth NJ Personal Injury Lawyer.   Super Lawyers is an organization that ranks the best lawyers in Elizabeth and throughout New Jersey.   Attorney Daniel Sloan has been named to its Rising Stars list since 2016.   He has recovered millions of dollars for his clients.   Elizabeth NJ Personal Injury Attorney – Call (908) 358-2938 Personal injury cases are complex and winning them requires an understanding of all aspects of the law in New Jersey.   Handling them on your own is not advisable.   Defense attorneys and insurance adjusters have a great deal of experience handling injury claims.   It is important to have expe

A Guide to Union County NJ Municipal Courts

What is a Union County Municipal Court? Before discussing the Union County Municipal Court system, it is important to understand New Jersey’s court system as a whole.   In New Jersey, the state court system is broken into different parts.   The New Jersey Supreme Court is the highest court in New Jersey.   The New Jersey Supreme Court generally handles appeals from a New Jersey Appellate Court.   New Jersey’s Appellate Courts are the second highest courts.   The Appellate Division usually handles appeals from a New Jersey Superior Court.   Every county in New Jersey has its own Superior Court.   Superior Courts handle a variety of matters. The lowest court in New Jersey is the Municipal Court, sometimes referred to as traffic court.   Every town in Union County has its own Municipal Court.   Municipal Courts handle matters such as traffic tickets (including DUI), town ordinance violations and disorderly persons offenses.   Disorderly persons offenses are sometimes referred to as

Nuts & Bolts: NJ Car Accident Case

HURT IN A CAR ACCIDENT IN NJ-WHAT NOW? For those injured in a car accident in New Jersey, it is important to consult with a New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney as soon as possible.   Most NJ personal injury lawyers will provide a free initial consultation and work on a contingency fee basis so there is really no downside to consulting with one.   It will give you an opportunity to review your rights and responsibilities. THE ACCIDENT SCENE As soon as an auto accident occurs, word of the accident spreads pretty quickly.   Generally, the police find out immediately as someone calls them from the scene.   Later, a police report is generated and made available to the public.   If there are injuries reported to the police at the scene, the police will call an ambulance to take those injured to the hospital unless they refuse treatment.   Those requiring an ambulance and a hospital visit often forget that auto insurance is the primary insurer in NJ for the medical bills incurred